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Company Overview

AppATrip was founded in 2012 and is a mobile application for the travel and tourism industry. It allows hotels, restaurants and tourism organizations to set up their own app to their individual requirements. It is very versatile and adaptable AppAtrip and can be equipped with add-on modules and custom functions. The different functions allow hotels to make their guests and provide them with mobile booking information and entertainment on mobile devices.

AppATrip hotels offers with its subscription model cost-effective access to the mobile world. Moreover AppATrip is the only travel app that offersa video review extension and viral marketing tools. Our team has developed a tool that can be adapted to the changing needs of mobile and social media technologies

AppATrip.com is wholly owned by Coeus Solutions GmbH, which is a privately held software development company based out of Berlin with offices in Munich, San Francisco and Lahore.

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