User generated content is gaining in importance. Online review platforms such as HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor are very popular among travelers. Before people book a hotel they will check the internet for reviews of the accommodation. Unfortunately bad reviews can have big influence on the revenue of your hotel. Almost 98% of the hotels do not manage their own reviews and as a result they get most traffic based from other review portals such as TripAdvisor. This means that they don’t have control over their online branding and lose affiliate commissions primarily because they do not manage their reviews. It is time to become active!

With our review tool EasyReview you get completely new opportunity to collect and manage feedback from your guests. EasyReview provides innovative functions to improve and manage your online reputation management and branding.

Simple feedback – text review and star rating

The simple feedback allows your guests to rate your hotel via star ratings and text reviews. All collected reviews can be managed by you and can afterwards be used for marketing acitivities e.g. on your website, your social media profiles and all of your marketing collateral. The AppATrip mobile app, web plugin and tablet solutions (for lobbies) allow hotels to configure the questions they want their guests to answer. These can then be moderated or you can choose to give feedback to the guests directly.

AppATrip uses eKomi, Europe’s largest independet transaction based provider of customer reviews and ratings, to push the reviews to Google results. This helps hotels to generate traffic directly on their website.

Video feedback – video reviews

Besides text reviews we offer a video review function which allows you to collect video reviews from your guests. The questions can get defined and changed via the admin panel. Your guests can answer easily with the integrated camera of their tablet or smartphone. All the recorded reviews can get managed by you and be posted on Youtube and other online properties. You are also able to spread it over your social media channels and place it on your website as well. This allows hotels to generate user generated video content which helps to strengthen the online branding and search engine optimization.

The combination of text and video reviews makes AppATrip one of the most unique offering on the market. Hotels get to have applications which not only provide guests with information and booking choices but also collect reviews and ratings which have a direct impact on hotel branding and online revenue generation. 

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Reasons to become proactive in online reputation management:

  • over 90% of travelers have avoided a stay in a hotel with bad reviews
  • more than 90 % of travelers decided for a hotel due to positive reviews
  • nearly the half of hotel guests trust the advice of other travelers more than travel professionals or hotel’s advertising or marketing
  • with 44% online reviews have big influence on the decision for or against an accommodation
  • using online reviews for marketing on your website can increase bookings up to over a quarter

Benefits of EasyReview:

  • collect genuine reviews & ratings from your guests
  • preset the questions you want to ask
  • review and manage all collected reviews before they get published
  • use your reviews for your online marketing on your website and all your social media profiles
  • with the tablet solution you can respond directly to all the reviews of your guests – face-to-face
  • give your satisfied guests an easy opportunity to rate your hotel
  • reward them for their review with a voucher
  • get more traffic via user generated content
  • save commissions for OTA’s
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