During your guests are present in the hotel you can provide them a very comfortable way to order room service, get information of the hotel or rate your hotel with the AppATrip tablet solution. Therefore we are offering various tablet products – you can choose between inroom and front desk tablets. Furthermore we are providing two different stands for installation in your property.Request info!

Inroom Tablets:

With the inroom tablet solution you offer your guests a special comfort. The tablet enables your guests to order room service, laundry service and cleanup service via the device. All tablets can get branded for your hotel with adapted corporate colors, corporate design and logo integration. Besides the customer functionalities we can integrate advertising of partners in the tablet.


  • offer more services
  • stay in touch with your guests via push notifications
  • increase revenue
  • an extra service for your guests due to high quality content (magazines, travel guides etc.)
  • easier process for ordering room service
  • no guest information in hard copy needed anymore
  • relief of your frontdesk staffRequest info!

Front desk Tablets:

The front desk tablets can get installed at the reception or in the lobby of your hotel. Your guests can use them to leave a review, to get information about your hotel and the location. Front desk tablets are an easy solution to collect reviews from your guests. Just install it at the reception or lobby and let your guests rate their stay when they do the checkout.


  • easy way to collect guest reviews
  • interactive information optionsRequest info!

For more information about our review function EasyReview visit the product page.

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