Frequently asked questions

What is AppATrip?

AppATrip is a mobile application for the Travel and Hotel industry. It enables Hotels and Hospitality Markets to setup their own mobile applications in a fast, easy and cost effective way.

What functions and features does AppATrip offer?

AppATrip offers a wide range of mobile functions and features like booking hotel rooms, hotel information with images and text, restaurant reservations, weather report, sightseeing, travel guide, photo gallery, social media integration, push notifications, multi-lingual, testimonials (video, text) etc.

Why do we need an own mobile app for our hotel?

There is an ubiquitous amount of mobile phone and tablet users. Users rely on their mobile devices to find instant information on products and services, as well as a tool to compare products to purchase. AppATrip Hotel mobile applications are extremely useful since it allows their guests to use the app to help plan their trip in addition to booking a room.

What are the benefits of the app for the hotel?

The mobile application offers the hotel a lot of benefits. You can enhance your marketing activities, expand your sales and communications channels and also create an advantage against competitors. Another important benefit is the high market potential of mobile commerce and its gain in importance in the next years.

Why do I need a mobile app? What about a mobile optmized website?

A mobile optimized website shouldn’t be missed but a mobile application offers you way more functions and opportunities to market your hotel and your services. Furthermore the application can help you to strengthen the brand loyalty of your hotel significantly.

Which benefits do your guests have?

Your guests can view close by restaurants from the hotel, see tourist sights, and plan their entire stay around your hotel. Guests have the option to see all the rooms available at your hotel with one tap of the app and book a room with ease. Furthermore, your guests can benefit from special offers and events via push notifications.

Where and how can guests download the app?

Your mobile app can be download in the appstores (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) depending on which operating systems you choose.

Which operating systems are available for the app?

AppATrip supports Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

How much does the app cost?

The app starts at 49 € per month and includes a multitude of standard functions. Additional features like travel tools, travel tips, customized design, etc, is available a la cart. Besides the monthly fee, we charge a one time set up fee, which includes data integration and launch to the appstore(s). Please see the website for additional functions and features.

Is it possible to get a customized app?

Of course we can arrange to implement customized features, functions or design. Just get in contact with us!

How can I change the content of the app like images and texts?

Images, texts and order of appearance can be changed and edited through the admin panel. The panel also allows you to send push notifications to your users. You can access your admin panel through your unique URL, which you will receive the log-in info once we completed the project. We will give you a quick demo how to manage the admin panel as well.

How does the app get into the appstore?

Once we complete integrating the content and all customize the functions, we upload it to the appstore with a hotel and app description of the features of your hotel along with screenshots.

Is the design of the app adaptable to the corporate design of the hotel?

Certainly! We will use the same colors of your hotel theme colors and apply them to the app. We will be using your logo and create a customized splash screen to show your brand. If you would like to further customize your app, just ask us!

Do you have a designer to help with customized apps?

Yes. In the event that you need a customized design for your app, we also offer design services to fulfill your request.

Is there a minimum maturity?

The minimum maturity is 12 months.

How long is the period of cancellation?

The contract may be terminated one month before the end of the contract year.

How can I cancel AppATrip?

Just contact us and we’ll do the rest.

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