AppATrip offers a variety of features and functions. Try AppAtrip with our demo!

Mobile Booking

The mobile instant booking feature allows the guest to book rooms and other services (such as spa treatments and use of the gym, etc.) and events and special partner offers in a few seconds via smartphone.

Social Media Connection

AppATrip can be connected with various social media channels. So you can connect to your Facebook and Twitter account and your guests have easy access to all your updates and news on the various social media profiles of your hotel.

Travel Tools

The travel tools which offer your guest are an extra service that make the total hotel stay as comfortable as possible. The variety of services and features such as maps, local news, weather, taxi and public transportation information provide guests with information and tools for getting around. AppATrip also has a guide that shows both nearby attractions such as museums, parks, monuments and gastronomic delights along with opening times and contact details.

Hotel Information

AppATrip allows you to present your hotel well. You can create photo galleries, imagine your room by means of image and text, explain the features of the hotel and provide other useful information all around the hotel.

Restaurant Booking Service

The restaurant booking feature enables to reserve a table in the hotel restaurant via smartphone. The hotel also can manage the menu via backend for updates and special offers.

Hotel Reviews

AppATrip allows guests to assess your hotel directly via text and video review. The evaluations are reviewed by our modules and sent directly to travel and hotel portals such as TripAdvisor and TravelCheck.

Individualized Design

AppATrip as an application provides the ability to adapt to the corporate design of your hotel. Choose your personalized welcome page with integrated logo and your corporate colors for your app. You also have the option of customizing both text and images to the content of your hotel.

Premium Content

AppATrip offers the integration of premium content like newspapers and magazines. Your guests will have easy access with that to all latest news and stories.

Room Service Options

AppATrip provides room service options to make the stay for your guest extra comfortable. The room service options are available for tablets and enable your guests to order room service, laundry service and room cleanup service.

Souvenir Shop

With AppATrip you can offer your guests easy souvenir shopping with an own souvenir shop within the app. The backend of the app allows you to add products and the guest can order them easily and quickly via the application.

Car Sharing

The car sharing function allows your guest to book a car.

Push Notifications

Reach out to your guests with push notifications and keep them up to date on current events, promotions and special offers. The push notifications can be sent via PC or notebook through the admin platform.


AppATrip allows you to set up your app in different languages. The language of the application depends on the settings of the smartphones of your guests. So the app is displayed on an English Smartphone accordingly in English. For different language editions, we are pleased to offer our translation services.

Guest Loyalty Program

The guest loyalty program (GLP) provides you an efficient solution to bind your customers in the long run. Guests can collect points for their bookings and stays in the hotel and can change them into rewards. The GLP encourages your guests to participate in the deals and offers of the hotel, makes it easy for the hotel to track transactions and is compatible with other programs.

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