How Millennial Travelers discover the world

A new generation is entering the workforce and changing the travel industry: The millennials – those born between the 1980s and 2000s – are most of all very tech-savvy. No generation before was so deeply influenced by technological advances, and no generation before has integrated the new technologies to such a high degree into daily life. This also affects the travel and hospitality. The new millennial travelers make use of their technological devices for travel purposes to a greater extent than the generations before.  In 2012 already 87% used the Internet to plan their travel. 70% change their Facebook status while on vacation. 85% of leisure travelers use their smartphones during vacation. Millennial travelers define new trends in travel and it is the travel and hospitality industry that must respond. The key is to provide the right tools to keep the millennials satisfied.

Here are the Top 3 trends defined by the millennial travelers and how hotels can respond:

1. Real Time Information

The mobile trends allows the millennial generation to stay connected to world 24/7. And they also expect to get information immediately, in real time. One way for hotels to provide their hotel guests with up-to-date information is to make use of push notifications. With AppATrip, hotels have the possibility to send out  push notifications and keep them up to date on current events, promotions and special offers. The push notifications can be sent via PC or notebook through the admin platform and reach the guests on their hotel app.

2. Peer Review

Millennials live in a time of informational overflow and therefore it is even more important to this generation to turn to their peer for opinions. On average, a Millennial will check 10.2 sources before booking. For hotels, this means that online reviews are of great importance. Fake or bad reviews can easily destroy a hotel’s reputation. To improve the online reputation of a hotel, AppATrip offers EasyReview, an online review tool that allows to collect easily hotel reviews. With its innovative functions, EasyReview helps to improve and manage your online reputation management and branding.

3. Online Social Networking

Millennials have mostly grown up with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and are very actively posting and liking things online. Of the estimated 89 million millennials in the USA, about 69.9 million are using social networking sites. And increasingly, these sites are used for travel planning or posting reviews. Hotels can use this behavior for their advantage: AppATrip has an integrated social media connection that allow hotel guests to directly post something about the hotel via the hotel app. This can generate traffic to your hotel website and increase your hotel’s popularity.

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