IT Outsourcing – Coeus introduces FlexiHire

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing of  IT related work has become very common nowadays. The “German IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2012” found out that in Germany, web and mobile technologies are the most outsourced solutions. In particular the reduction of operating costs is a top factor that drives most German companies to outsource their IT work. Interestingly, onshoring (outsourcing within Germany) is the most preferred outsourcing destination. However, onshoring is most of the times more cost-intensive than offshoring. The perfect solution for this dilemma is provided by Coeus. Coeus introduces an outsourcing model called FlexiHire. It allows you to outsource your IT related work, while having local support. By this, Coeus secures direct communication and cost-efficient IT solutions.

About FlexiHire

Coeus FlexiHire is a flexible IT outsourcing model with which IT projects by means of offshoring can be implemented efficiently and cost-effectively. FlexiHire offers the possibility to put together your own team by adding missing developers or compile a complete team. Coeus provides a great pool of developers with various technologies, skills and experience levels as well as project and quality managers.

Benefits of FlexiHire:

      • You can put together a team in a very flexile way based on your needs and demands
      • You have a great pool of talented and experienced developers with various IT specilizations
      • You get efficient and innovative IT solutions with local support and global experience
      • You save additional administration and inventory costs and can operate more cost-effectively

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