Location Based Services Platforms and Hotel Marketing – a perfect match?

We all know these brilliant mobile apps with which we can discover our surrounding easily. You want to find a highly recommended restaurant in your city? Or you want to know which café is just around the corner while your are standing in the pooring rain needing a hot cup of tea? Just download a location based service app and you will become more clever about which fancy, cool or interesting places and hot spots are close to your current location. But are there only benefits for the end users or also for the owners of the cafés, restaurants or hotels? If you want to find out you should continue reading…

Social Local Mobile – three words, one progress!

Social Local Mobile, also named SoLoMo, is a synonym for the latest trends in user behaviour.

Social: More and more people are using social media channels for exchange about different topics with friends, family and also foreigners.
Local: Over 90% of internet users are searching for local service providers, companies and products. Therefore most of them use mobile phones with GPS for checking their surrounding.
Mobile: Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular. In Germany already 35% of mobile phones users are using a smartphone. Smartphones are becoming to a constant companion, helping poeple to find what they are looking for while they are on the road.

The social media networks, smartphones with GPS and the mobile internet have changed the habits of communication completely. Smartphones make it very easy to be online the whole day and stay connected with family and friends 24/7. But how can companies, cafés, restaurants and hotels gain from it?

Location Based Services – platforms, functions, potential

The keyword is: Location Based Services. The expression sounds more complicated as it is. Location Based Services are platforms (websites, mobile apps, portals and communities) which use location datas to provide the users selective information based on their current position. Location Based Services are mostly used for mobile devices like smartphones. Therefore there is a bunch of different apps available which allow the user to find interesting places around his current postion. The most popular ones are Foursquare, Qype and Google Places. All of the named platforms offer the the opportunity to search for keywords and find fitting locations. Reviews of the locations, contact details and tips are also shown. Foursquare and other Platforms like Qype also provides the so called Check-Ins. For the marketers a dream is coming true: Their target group let them know where they are, what they like and prefer. With the active usage of Location Based Services Platforms hotels can benefit from the inherent marketing potential.

How to use Foursquare & Co. for Hotel Marketing

Location Based Services Platforms such as Foursquare and Qype have great potential for local and mobile marketing of hotels. Both platforms provide so called “company profiles “with which a hotel can manage and moderate their own profile. As a hotelier you can add images, information and you can react to feedback. Also special offers can get announced via the platform and convince people who are using the platforms to visit your hotel for the first time. Everytime (if the setting of the user allow) when a user checks in your accomodation it will be spreaded over his or her social media channels. This contains a lot of viral marketing potential since all the friends of the user can see the check-in via their newsfeed. Location Based Services are a good way for hoteliers to promote their property on a local level with mobile instruments. Since traveler and hotel guests rely on their mobile devices to check and discover their environment it is a perfect match for hotel marketing to engage new guests and generate attention for their services.

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