The Power of Hashtags on Social Media

After Twitter and Google+, now also Facebook introduced the hashtag function. Hashtags can be very useful when it comes to organizing conversations on social media. Also businesses including hotels can use hashtags on social networking sites for their benefit. Here is a short overview:

What is a hashtag?

The small symbol “#” can make a big difference on the influnce of your social media messages. By placing a # symbol before a word, a keyword is marked and the message is categorized. This allows users to find conversations related to that marked keyword. The hashtag was first introduced by Twitter, but other social media platforms are starting to adopt this feature.

Why use hashtags?

1. Hashtags help you to find your target audience and to build a sense of community among the users using certain hashtags

2. Hashtags give you the opportunity to participate in ongoing conversations on a certain topic marked by a hashtag

3. With hashtags you make it easier for othern users to find your content

As a side note: On Twitter, messages that include hashtags receive twice as much engagement than those without hashtags.

How to use hashtags?

1. To start a conversation around a specific topic or to promote an event or product, you need to first determine the hashtag you want to use.

2. The hashtag should be relevant, but as short and unique as possible. On you can find popular hashtags and search for ones that have not been used yet.

3. Once you determined the hashtag, be sure to promote it in all of your marketing marterials, both online and offline. Make the hashtag a catch-word that will automatically be related to your business.

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