Video Reviews – The Future of Online Hotel Reviews

Mobile video traffic exceeded 50% for the first time in 2012. Mobile video traffic was 51% of traffic by the end of 2012. Also for travel planning online videos are increasingly gaining relevance. In a  travel report provided by Google, the findings show that “travelers watch a mix of user generated videos and professionally made videos at all stages of travel planning”. Overall, 89% of leisure travelers said to watch online videos and 21% explicitly use online videos as a resource for planning their travel.

Source: Chart taken from The 2012 Traveler Report by Google

Hotels can quite effectively use this mobile and online video trend for their advantage, e.g. integrating a video tool into hotel reviews. Online reviews are nothing special these days. With video reviews a new dimension has been added. Videos allow for a more authentic and direct communication. Ands online videos are becoming more and more significant because they are influencing travel planning decisions. AppATrip has recognized this trend and has an integrated review feature EasyReview  which connects both text and video review. The integration of video and text ratings make EasyReview by AppATrip a unique offering on the market.

Benefits of Video Review

  • generate genuine and authentic hotel reviews by hotel guests
  • increase trustworthiness of reviews
  • collect guest opinions in an innovative and simple way
  • preset relevant questions for guests to answer
  • export video reviews to other platforms
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