What is AppATrip?

AppATrip – one app, multiple functionalities

AppATrip offers mobile apps for the hotel and travel industry with many functions and features. Our apps are available for all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. AppATrip allows your guests to make mobile bookings quick and easy and in addition to finding out about the hotel and its amenities, offering travel tools and tips to make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible.

In addition to the hosts benefits, AppATrip offers you as the hotel owner new possibilities to get in touch with your guests and bind them in the long run. Expand your sales, marketing and communication channels with an innovative multi-channel solution with AppATrip!

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Five reasons for owning a mobile app for your hotel:

1. Smartphones and tablets are the future!
The use of smartphones and tablets is growing worldwide. More and more people have an internet-enabling mobile phone and app compatible. Your guests are mobile – you can be too!

2. Increasing importance of mobile commerce
Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, is of increasing importance. More and more people use mobile devices to get information about products and services, compare and ultimately buy. Take advantage of this new sales channel for your hotel!

3. Multi-channel communications – strong on all channels!
With your own app, you can strengthen your communication channels to a promising tool. Whether push notifications, social media integration and mobile bookings and inquiries – a mobile app offers many options to communicate with your guests, regardless of their location!

4. Strengthening Brand Loyalty
A dedicated app is suitable for customer loyalty and strengthening Brand Loyalty. Utilizing functions such as customer loyalty packages, ratings via text and video, loyalty bonuses increase brand loyalty.

5. competitive advantage
Mobile applications are still uncharted territory for many hotels. Become an Early Adopter and create a competitive advantage over the hotels, which do not have its own app!

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